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OVLA’: One unique structure, three products.

“The fetus moves freely in a fluid, gravity-free environment; newborns find themselves exercising their motor skills in an environment conditioned by gravity that limits their postural possibilities. Mothers spontaneously know how to adequately sustain their children. Cribs can do it, too, supporting it, rocking it, like a soft link between life in utero and life out in the world”.

OVLÀ "for one": Like the warmth of your hug.

OVLA’ is the crib whose wooden frame adapts to welcome your newborn. The pastel hues on the rounded forms, inspired by the ancient practice of feng shui, create a nest where the baby is cradled and embraced in a soft and comfortable natural fiber basket. The soft rocking movement (easily turned off) infuses tranquility and sense of wellbeing, allowing the baby to rest. The solid base and four wheels, all adjustable and equipped with safety locks, allow you to move the OVLA’ around various spaces in your home, easily and with the utmost safety: your baby will always be near you and you can give him or her all of your attention and care.