Baby furniture design - furniture design made in italy Green Wood

Mamix Design. Italian heart, Italian ideas.

Design was created through a close collaboration with early childhood specialists. It is an Italian product line for newborns and toddlers, whose quality, artisan mastery and innovation bring shape and warmth to children’s lives through the use of natural materials and simple and functional solutions—all done with Italian design.

Harmony, wellbeing, ergonomics.

The big and small gestures of love between you and your children, the need for your baby to feel protected and to grow in a safe environment while stimulating his/her psycho-cognitive development are the values and goals that constantly drive the creative and production process at Mamix Design: a creative workshop able to better connect with the best in Italian inspiration, and design solutions that fit the needs of both parents and children.

Our clients: Free to dream.

All Mamix Design products have rounded and harmonious shapes, each of which inspires serenity and harmony. Our products were conceived and created so that you can enjoy every day’s magnificent moments with your children knowing that you have the safest product available.

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