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THE DESIGNER: The name ROSSOVIVO DESIGN is a synonym for research, experimentation and technological transfer. In fact, ‘Design driven innovation’ has always represented a strategic resource for determining the success of a company: it allows for product differentiation by fostering strong brand identification, while contributing to the creation of value. ROSSOVIVO DESIGN is capable of following all stages of product development—from initial ideas to aspects linked to start-up, functional-esthetic research, engineering and prototype creation. Said approach methodology allows for the valorization of new technological-productive assets, a diversification of businesses and ranges of products. Additionally, it fosters the opening of new markets and the development of a new competitive position. Winner of numerous awards, ROSSOVIVO DESIGN boasts multiple collaborations with excellent resource centers in Italy and abroad: (

THE ARTISAN:The company’s productive segment was deliberately entrusted to GIRARDI Complementi (TV) because it proposes ideal constructive solutions for optimizing products created for third parties. The company believes in generating continual dialog and direct communication between designers and clients, because the exchange of ideas and experiences is the best starting point for developing a product. Its dynamic and flexible production also allows for the creation of minimum quantity batches. Working under the motto, ‘Client satisfaction is our objective’ GIRARDI Complimenti makes good use of its experience and human resources, offering high quality standards that are capable of responding to the needs of Mamixdesign products; thanks to manual and artisan-like assembly carried out by qualified professionals, the company insures jobs that cannot be produced via industrial assembly. GIRARDI Complimenti’s success can be summed up with four concepts: technology, quality, versatility and an attention to details. Since 1956, the company has affirmed itself on the market because it has known how to invest in consulting, technical expertise, research and the study of development methodologies. (

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