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Mamix Design certificates.

Mamix Design makes safe products. Safety is an integral part of our work because we know that’s the most important thing about a product that will come into contact with your child. From the most evident components to details, all materials used by Mamix Design have been tested by the Italian Institute for Toy Safety(*) under the most recent European Union & CEN norms, in order to guarantee the maximum in safety and trust.

All the textiles are made from 100% natural preshrunk gabardine cotton.

Mattresses and pillows are made from anti-suffocation, anti-mite and hypoallergenic foam rubber, and equipped with double coating flame-retardant.
The knobs and spacers are machined beech wood lacquered. The base in natural beech wood, the curve which is made from multilayered natural dried beech wood, referring to standard EN 312 CAT. P2/E1 - FSC - CARB 1-CARB2 ( ). The structure of the basket and the support bracket are made from steel to provide maximum strength.
All components are water-colors painted and have Ecolabel certification, the EU eco-label ( )

The safety of Mamix Design’s products is also visible into details. The pivoting wheels, made in nylon and rubber stain resistant, are all equipped with brake.The swinging movement of the cradle is easily locked by the two knobs placed at the two ends of the curved.arc.

All materials that make up the article satisfy the Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH)
(*) Test Report N. 11 – 21171
Test Report N. 11 - 35539
Test Report N. 11 - 35542

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